A Partner for
Sustainable & Meaningful


TIME For Growth is a signatory of the PRI

(Principles for Responsible Investment)

confirming TIME commitment to integrate ISR vision in its management and investment policy.


TIME For Growth is a member of France Invest

(French association of investors for growth)

and is a signatory of the Association Charter involving values, responsibilities and commitments.

We believe that addressing ESG factors in the investment decision-making process helps to:

  • reduce investment risk
  • enhance long-term value
  • ensure effective and ethic use of investor capital

ESG Policy


The issue of Responsible Investment has always been at the heart of our investment process,

Before an acquisition

  • Conduct ESG due diligences
  • Incorporates ESG principles into shareholders offers and pacts

During the support period

  • Define a roadmap with the management of the company
  • Encourage the nomination of an ESG project manager

Investing responsibly helps us identify and mitigate ESG risks early in the lifecycle of an investment.

Responsible human resources management

  • Happy at work
  • Encourage soft mobility
  • Team Diversity
  • Incentive Policy

Collaborative and independent governance

  • Promote high-quality reporting
  • Exemplary business governance:
    • Accurate vision of Cash-Flows
    • Sharp Management of budgets
    • Close monitoring of key indicators
  • Incorporate key employees to the strategic board